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Understanding the magic of assured return

Will you believe If we say !!

We will give you 1% Interest Per month on your money for 5 long years.

Plus a commercial property in Omaxe New Chandigarh Mullanpur.

Plus we guarantee to bring your first Tanent.

Plus we will guarantee you minimum rent of 12% per annum for 2 years.

Plus we will not charge for AC, Heater or Maintenance against your property..


or in simple words we want to give our property to you for free..



Normally if you buy a under developed commercial property you make payments in construction linked plan.

  Sometimes for construction purpose, the builder has to borrow money on loan from the open market, for which he has to pay 10-12% as interest on his borrowings. Now the builder takes out a solution, that if he borrows money from the owner of the property only and in return he pays back this interest amount to the actual owner only. This interest part which a person gets on his money on an under construction property is known as Assured Return. If the return is 1% per month it becomes 12% Assured Return per annum/year.

Presenting Omaxe Assured Return property with leasing guarantee on office space at International Trade Tower..


                                                               maxe international Trade Tower INTT elevation

Trust us

Omaxe Ltd. is a very big company and is giving back Assured Return honestly and regularly on its assured return projects. 

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In New Chandigarh Omaxe launched its first commercial tower named India Trade Tower (ITT) in 2010. This is the tallest and one of its kind, A Landmark high rise commercial building of punjab or Chandigarh Tricity.

100% Freehold and best buy for end users.

                         omaxe india trade tower itt

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 This property had 12% assured return and Omaxe is gracefully honouring the Returns to clients till date. 

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New Assured Return Investment

Presenting 25 Storied Omaxe International Trade Tower(INTT)

Adjoining the existing India Trade tower and Holiday inn 5 star hotel with:-

12% Assured Return till Posession (5-6 years) on office space.

Plus First Leasing/Rent guaranteed at 12% per annum.


An Important example on returns:-

Suppose you buy an office space for Rs.1 crore at Rs.6500.psf which is 100%

Omaxe right away gives you 60 cheques of 1% per month each in advance.

Now These cheques are given presuming 3 years of construction time and 2 years of rent advance.

In this volatile indian real estate market you are safe that 60% money is coming back plus you own your property as well.


Now, In a worst case Scenario.

The Property completes in 3 years and you get returns for 5 years i.e 60% (12%per annum)

You get 60 cheques. You sell this property at par after 5 years. Still you get your money back with a net profit of 60%.

Above all if you start a monthly RD against your 12% Assured Return amount at the rate of 8% in a post office you get additional interest of Rs.13,80,777/- in 5 years


Actually this will happen

The Reasonable Scenario which is 28.37% per annum.

The property gets completed in 6 years and you get returns for 8 years i.e 96%

You had invested 1 crore, You took back 96 lac in 8 years and the actual capital cost will be 4 lac, yes 4 lac..

Property Price after 8 years will be minimum 15000.psf which makes your 4 lac Rs.2,30,76,923/- plus 96 Lac 

You get Rs.3.27 Crore in 8 years that is 28.37% per Annum..


Above all if you start a monthly RD against your 12% Assured Return amount at the rate of 8% in a post office you get additional interest of Rs.38,28,802/- in 8 years an you further get Rs.3.65 Crore in 8 years that is

33.12% per Annum..



438.956500Rs. 14,26,579Rs. 3,56,645Rs. 28,53,157
540.406500Rs. 17,56,287Rs. 4,39,072Rs. 35,12,573
551.176500Rs. 17,91,303Rs. 4,47,826Rs. 35,82,605
592.136500Rs. 19,24,413Rs. 4,81,103Rs. 38,48,826
682.296500Rs. 22,17,446Rs. 5,54,362Rs. 44,34,893
850.796500Rs. 27,65,055Rs. 6,91,264Rs. 55,30,109
870.276500Rs. 28,28,376Rs. 7,07,094Rs. 56,56,751
971.386500Rs. 31,56,985Rs. 7,89,246Rs. 63,13,970
1075.986500Rs. 34,96,935Rs. 8,74,234Rs. 69,93,870
1128.376500Rs. 36,67,190Rs. 9,16,797Rs. 73,34,379
1232.146500Rs. 40,04,441Rs. 10,01,110Rs. 80,08,882
1256.346500Rs. 40,83,095Rs. 10,20,774Rs. 81,66,191
1419.286500Rs. 46,12,647Rs. 11,53,162Rs. 92,25,294
1616.386500Rs. 52,53,222Rs. 13,13,305Rs. 1,05,06,443
1623.676500Rs. 52,76,941Rs. 13,19,235Rs. 1,05,53,881
1970.466500Rs. 64,03,982Rs. 16,00,996Rs. 1,28,07,964
5851.536500Rs. 1,90,17,460Rs. 47,54,365Rs. 3,80,34,919


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